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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Philippines: Dark horse for Asia investment

I came across this example of paradoxical Philippines through an entry on the Facebook page of Gerard Cedric Reyes, who, like me, got his college education at the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines (though many, many years after I did) and was also a short-term exchange student in my course on modern Japanese society at Josai International University in Chiba, Japan. It’s an interesting read, particularly as it is a view of the Philippines seen from the standpoint of a well-known powerful American news source CNBC.

The paradox is set up at the beginning of very first sentence of the article: “As far as emerging markets go, the Philippines is seldom the choice investment destination… .” The paradox comes full circle with the last part of the sentence, reading, “…thanks to its favorable demographics and sound economic fundamentals.” The last three words will come as surprise to many Philippine detractors. However, click on the link below, read on for yourself and be surprised.

Invest in Philippines, the ‘Dark Horse’ of Asia: Expert
Published: Thursday, 17 Nov 2011
By: CNBC.com

Donald Tawatao| Getty Images

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